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For a while customers have been asking how to convert their Facebook content into ebooks.

There are at least 3 different benefits for this.

1) Creating an ebook from your profile.  Kind of like a year book.  Preserve all those posts, memories and comments!

2) Converting your Facebook Page into a book.  This is more for businesses and taking the best posts on the page and transforming it into an ebook to use as a download to give to customers or use as a Lead Magnet.

3) Producing a summary of a Facebook Group.

This is invaluable for group admins.  One of the problems with any community is keeping the quality of rich content accessible to all members.  Facebook is really good at losing those amazing posts.  You know the ones with a great thread and ‘gold nuggets’ of content.

With Designrr you can import the Group posts that have the highest engagement.

Lets take a quick look into how this works..

In Designrr you create a project from Facebook:


Then you can select whether to pull in content from your profile or your page (Standard Plan), any other Page (PRO Plan) or from a group where you are a Group Admin (Agency Plan)

Then you can select a template as normal.  (By the way – We’ve also added new templates with some great 2 column layouts)

Once the import is in Designrr – you can customize and tweak as normal.  Changing the cover page to any image using our built in search feature or uploading your own covers and images.

And then publish to any format PDF, ePub, Apple iBook, Kindle or flipbook.

For Facebook groups – I’ve also created this video to show you the flow:

If you liked this new feature then feel free to check out our latest features that have been upgraded into Designrr.

Create Flipbooks With 1-Click

New DropBox Integration Feature Automates the Transcription Process

PDF to Flipbook Features, Templates and Search

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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