Transcribing tips: How Can I Get Transcription Fast

7 Transcribing Tips: How Can I Get Transcription Fast6 min read

Bloggers create engaging content to establish themselves as leaders and to drive more traffic to their channels. Blogging also provides valuable social media content to help advertise products and services. Blogs created from transcribed audio material such as videos are a useful tool for reaching a much larger audience, including people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Audio/video transcripts also boost search engine optimization (SEO) for your site, allowing search engines to crawl through the text of your audio or video content to properly index it. Here’s our article for more reasons why you should transcribe your video.

If you are into the blogging industry, then you can increase your income by transcribing fast. Therefore, figuring out ways to transcribe faster will automatically raise your financial income. You would have to consider yourself a transcriptionist and it means it is important to make every minute count. It then becomes essential to have a good transcription speed otherwise, you are just losing those few extra bucks that you have the potential to score.


You need to keep in mind that increasing only your typing speed won’t do it for you. In today’s world of technology, there are several other factors that you must keep in mind in order to increase transcription speed. These methods include improving artificial and digital factors related to transcription. With the help of technology, you can massively increase your typing as well as transcription speed. All you have to do is follow some tips and tricks and use the right tools. Let’s have a look at these tips to get a faster transcription.

1. Make use of an Autocorrect Tool.

Every second is important, and when you make a spelling mistake, going back correct it will lose you those precious seconds or even minutes. Hence, make sure you are using an autocorrect tool. For instance, AutoCorrect when using Microsoft Word or any autocorrect tool for that matter depending on the software you are using. This will amplify your efficiency and save a lot of time. As a result, you can transcribe more in lesser time. However, make sure you go through the whole text at least once to check if the autocorrect changed your word into something completely different.

2. Practice Typing to perfection

There is nothing in this world that is ever perfect, but you can always get close to perfection. Practice makes a man perfect. If you practice your typing, the speed will definitely increase. As a result, your transcription speed will increase. It is one of the most obvious yet most effective methods of getting faster transcriptions. If you want to go fully professional, then you can sign up for a typing class or download lectures and typing programs to have a better grip on the skill.

3. Making use of High-Quality and noise cancellation headset

If you ask me what’s more important than your typing speed, then it is definitely the quality of sound you hear. You cannot transcribe accurately and in time if you are unable to hear the audio properly. Transcribing, while having high levels of white noise, will have a major impact on your transcription speed. So, make sure you invest in a good quality noise cancellation headphone that gives out clear audio. Moreover, the headphones should have options to adjust the sound and toggle with other factors so that you can get the best possible sound according to your needs.

4. A comfortable and quiet environment

books and library

Listening something through your ears and typing it down with your fingers requires a lot of focus and concentration. Therefore, it is very important that you can pay full attention to the audio. Moreover, being in a comfortable environment is also essential. If you are getting tired or uncomfortable, then it will automatically impact on your focus. So, make sure you find a peaceful place with no irrelevant noises around. Also, get yourself a comfortable chair and desk so that you can sit back and transcribe with ease.

5. Type Smartly

Typing fast will make a difference, but typing smartly will make a major difference. As soon as you start, set up shortcuts for words that you commonly use. For example, shortcut for because can be “bec” or for with can be “w” etc. you can make shortcuts for any words that you come across. Moreover, you can set words that are hard for you to spell and are common. An autocorrect option exists for spell check so it will be easier for you to do this.

6. Get your hands on a good transcribing software

This is the most important tip you can ever receive that will help you with increasing the speed. If you aren’t using a transcribing software, then your first step should be to get your hands on one. Working with good transcribing software will have a massive impact on transcription speed. Think of all the times you have to pause the audio or rewind to type a missed word or phrase. It is really hard to do so with a mouse. There are many free and paid transcription software out there that you can get your hands on. They will solve all the problems you normally have. It will minimize the frustration you have to go through with the mouse on normal audio or video.

Designrr is audio and video transcription software that provides video-to-text, audio-to-text services. Learn more about our Dynamic Transcripts.

7. Take Breaks

Sitting in a fixed posture for hours, listening to the audio, and typing it down can be very tiring. So, make sure you take breaks in between and relax. If you don’t, then it will just add to the stress, and you won’t be able to focus properly. Stretch yourself and set time limits. For example, take a short walk or break after every hour to get your muscles into action. Drink plenty of water and eat something sweet to give your brain the oxygen and glucose it needs, so it stays active.

The final word

Transcribing depends on a lot of factors, and thus the speed can vary with each. Different languages take up different times. Similarly, the quality of the audio is a major factor as well. Moreover, the speed of the audio or video also impacts the transcription speed. Last but not least, your own skill matters too, and it is the only thing you can work on. The only downside of transcribing videos can be that it is quite a long and tedious task. It takes up a lot of time, and if you really want to earn some bucks and cut back on time, then the first step should be to get a transcribing software. Once you implement all the tips, your blog will touch the skies. 


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